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Wall Street is one of the top companies in construction project management services in Sri Lanka. We provide interior project management services, design consultancy & engineering services, architectural consultancy services, facility management services, construction management services, cost consultancy services, contract administration services, civil engineering project management services, project planning & progress maintenance services & quality assurance services in Sri Lanka.

Interior Project Management - Wallstreet (Pvt) Ltd.
Service One

Interior Project Management

Project management for our engineers is a form of expressing our intellect in transforming a concept into reality effectively, regardless of complexity.
Design Consultancy & Engineering - Wallstreet (Pvt) Ltd.
Service Two

Design Consultancy & Engineering

At Wallstreet, creating a sustainable project design means combining science and highest technology inspired by creativity. We make it happen by listening to your goals and expectations.
Architectural Consultancy - Wallstreet (Pvt) Ltd.
Service Three

Architectural Consultancy

It is in our core values to bring out simplicity and elegance for our client’s desires through our dedicated, creative, talented and capable architectural consultancy.
Service Four

Facility Management

Wallstreet facility management helps to have a problem-free environment that eventually establishes a safe and healthy workplace for your workers as well as your customers.
Facility Management - Wallstreet (Pvt) Ltd.
Construction Management - Wallstreet (Pvt) Ltd.
Service Five

Construction Management

Our creative geniuses in the department of construction management deliver projects faster and cost effectively while evaluating the next step by planning for all possibilities.
Cost Consultancy - Wallstreet (Pvt) Ltd.
Service Six

Cost Consultancy

Our cost consultancy agents make sure to provide you with the most cost effective solution while meeting the highest quality standards of construction.
Contract Administration - Wallstreet (Pvt) Ltd.
Service Seven

Contract Administration

The role of Contract Administrator at Wallstreet is identified as one of the most important jobs in administering the construction site to its highest standards.
Civil Engineering Project Management - Wallstreet (Pvt) Ltd.
Service Eight

Civil Engineering Project Management

Civil engineering services rendered by our high-level team of civil engineers enable our clients to obtain products and services in line with international standards.
Project Planning & Progress Maintenance - Wallstreet (Pvt) Ltd.
Service Nine

Project Planning & Progress Maintenance

The high-class project planning and progress maintaining services at Wallstreet benefit our clients to minimize cost and maintaining on-time project completion while preserving their buildings and other assets.
Quality Assurance & Control - Wallstreet (Pvt) Ltd.
Service Ten

Quality Assurance & Control

Through our extremely effective quality management solutions, the skilled and highly qualified engineers of Wallstreet are able to identify and decide all the quality requirements for your construction project.

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